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"It's a great book, written in Spanish with theatrical scripts. Brings you in each story positive messages. How to move on in life, perseverance, you are not alone, trust, among many other messages that you will find between the lines. Tells the story of different characters, his/hers struggles and victories. Their experiences and how to dealt with their problems. This book can change your perspective of life."

 MARGARET, Amazon Customer,  7/5/2019

"I love the book; I have read it several times and I always catch another great teaching from this book. It help me realized how many angels we have in our life. The author is very descriptive of persons and places so I can feel I am right there at the story. It is very insightful and well written."

 MICHELLE, Amazon Customer,  7/24/2019

Libro Antonio yotos ángeles de Rebecca Sepúlveda
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